About Weekday Nursery School

Weekday Nursery School is a non-profit, state licensed (by the Office of Children and Family Services, OCFS) school located in the heart of Northport village.

Our spacious classrooms provide a welcoming atmosphere for the children to learn and explore. We offer programs for two, three and four year old children, and a Mommy and Me program for children ages 15 months to three years old. Before and after care is available for our students beginning at 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

Physical exercise is vital to the development and good health of our young preschool students. Weekday Nursery School is fortunate to have an outdoor playground and a full-size indoor gym that the children use in inclement weather. Our students get exercise each day either indoors or outside. Our developmentally appropriate centers and manipulatives are meant to enhance and encourage children to learn through play and interaction with their peers. These experiences help children begin to understand the world around them, build self-esteem and expand their minds.

Our goal is to nurture a child’s sense of discovery by providing opportunities for hands-on learning and creative development. In this atmosphere we strive to cultivate each child’s independence, compassion for others, individual potential and growth in responsible, trusting relationships.

Since 1970

We have been providing quality preschool programs in the community since 1970.

Specialized Programming

We offer programs for two, three and four year old children, and a Mommy and Me program for children ages 15 months to three years old.


Our staff is composed of experienced, nurturing and committed teachers. All staff members receive training yearly to comply with our licensing requirements and to keep up to date with the latest teaching strategies. Teachers plan a curriculum designed to stimulate a love of learning through hands-on creative activities, interactive play and communication with their classmates and teachers.

Our Programs

We believe teaching your child should be wholistic and tailored to meet both the needs of your child and your family.

See what classes look like for your child.

Two Year Old Class

Our two year old program is focused on providing a positive initial learning experience for each child in preparation for early success and school readiness. Through games, art, interactive learning centers in math and language, and circle time our two year old children learn and grow at their own pace. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum incorporates concepts such as letters, number, colors and language skills.

Four Year Old Program

Weekday’s four year old program is designed around the New York State prekindergarten foundation for the common core. Our goal is to introduce children to developmentally appropriate topics in science, math, literature and the arts through hands on exercises.

Three Year Old Class

The three year old class focuses on socialization, learning classroom rules and becoming familiar with the school environment. Developmentally appropriate lessons and material focus on fine motor development (to strengthen muscles and develop handwriting skills), shapes, alphabet and number recognition. There is an emphasis on literature and the children are encouraged to engage in stories and participate in discussion about the story. This will hopefully lead to a love of reading and curiosity about the world around us.

Stories, Music, Toddler and Me

The Toddler and Me classes are offered for children from 15 months to three years old. The classes are held once a week for an hour and fifteen minutes in eight week sessions.

Before & After Care for Weekday Students
Weekday offers before and after care for our students beginning at 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM.
The routine for this care will be structured and will include time for napping, snacks, and physical exercise and activities in math, science, music and literature…


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All our teachers are caring and passionate about working with children, just like yours.


Our teachers come from a diverse background of life, interests, and hobbies that will help your child explore life.


Our teachers are all uniquely experienced and trained to teach your child and create an environment that your child can thrive in.

Be wowed by our great teachers who are working for you and your children.

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Our nursery school is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

Our facility is inspected regularly by an assigned licensor who visits our facility to ensure that safety, health, teacher training and curriculum requirements are being followed.


Our teachers are required to take training classes each year which include pediatric CPR and First Aid and topics related to child development and developmentally appropriate curriculum.


We hold monthly fire drills and yearly shelter in place drills.


Our facility is inspected for fire safety and health requirements (daily health check, potential classroom hazards, mandated amount of space for each child, for example).

A license renewal is granted only if all of the mandated requirements are met.

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